Things to do at the Bucks County Show - 26 days to go : Enjoy the spectacle of The Household Cavalry Musical Ride

We are delighted that the Household Cavalry Musicl Ride have chosen The 150th Bucks County Show as one of the events for their 2017 schedule.

The performance is designed to demonstrate the type of horsemanship used by the Regiment in the days when it still fought on horseback. Drills which practice battlefield and ceremonial manoeuvres are carried out to music and focus on precise timing, coordination and dressing to ensure that different components are all working together for one purpose.

The soldiers of the Household Cavalry are unique across the world in that they are the only mounted ceremonial soldiers who also serve as fighting soldiers on operations. Many of the men may have returned to the Armoured Regiment in Windsor, from which they may be sent on operations around the world. The self-discipline they have honed throughout their arduous riding training will then be tested to its ultimate limit.

Please make sure that you take in one of the 2 performances they will make during the day, it really is a spectacle not to be missed.

Don’t forget, we also have a celebratory Ball on the 9th September, see our website or Facebook Events for more details.

You can purchase tickets for the show from :

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Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

We are delighted The Household Cavalry Musical Ride are joining us for our 150th show.

Make sure you get your space early around the Main Ring for their second and last appearance.