Things to do at the Bucks County Show - 15 days to go : Marvel at the Giant Vegetables in the Home & Garden Marquee

Do not miss the opportunity to astound the kids with the size of some of the vegetables that are exhibited in the Home & Garden Marquee.  From giant onions to carrots that are nearly a metre long, enormous tomatoes and runner beans longer than your arm there is a huge display to take in, something you will never see at the supermarket!

Between now and show day we’ll be letting you know all about the events and activities that we have lined up for you this year.

Don’t forget, we also have a celebratory Ball on the 9th September, see our website or Facebook Events for more details.

You can purchase tickets for the show from :

Recent news and updates

The Schedules for the Bucks County Show 2018 have been published

We are delighted to announce that the Schedules for the 2018 Bucks County Show are now available online. 2018 sees the introduction of new classes in the cattle, sheep and horse sections. For the cattle these are Beef Shorthorn, Commercial Dairy and Other Pedigree...

Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

We are delighted The Household Cavalry Musical Ride are joining us for our 150th show.

Make sure you get your space early around the Main Ring for their second and last appearance.