31 Things To Do At The 2016 Bucks County Show : No. 3 - Come and see the Old Berkeley Beagles

The Old Berkeley Beagles are a pack of beagles based in Buckinghamshire. The OBB was formed in 1927 as a successor to the RAF Uxbridge Beagles, who had hunted in Middlesex after the Great War. Today, we hunt a trail, to imitate the trail of a hare, with our hounds. We are not a mounted pack – both the hunt staff and the hunt supporters follow on foot.

The beagling season is from October until March during which we follow hounds each Wednesday and Saturday. You would be most welcome to come out for a day following hounds in Buckinghamshire with the Old Berkeley Beagles. Our members and supporters come from all walks of life, and from a wide area in and around Bucks, Oxon and Herts.

Beagling is suitable for all ages and abilities – no previous experience is necessary – all you need is a love of the Countryside, a pair of stout boots, warm clothes, a waterproof and a hat. Why not visit our Supporters stand in the Countryside Area and find out more?

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Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

We are delighted The Household Cavalry Musical Ride are joining us for our 150th show.

Make sure you get your space early around the Main Ring for their second and last appearance.