31 Things To Do At The 2016 Bucks County Show : No. 14 - Come and learn all about ferrets

As well as bringing our ferret racing team to shows like the Bucks County Show , our work includes giving educational talks, net making and working demonstrations.

Ferreting is a sport which can be enjoyed by young and old alike and also serves the useful purpose of helping to control the rabbit population. We make all our own nets – purse nets are set over the holes, with other nets including hedge, long and stop
nets all being used. The ferrets are fitted with radio collars so they can be located underground.

Come and see our demonstrations of net making or long-netting (the old ways of pegging), or just a chat about ferrets we’d love to see you.


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Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

Main Ring – The Household Cavalry Musical Ride at 3.30pm

We are delighted The Household Cavalry Musical Ride are joining us for our 150th show.

Make sure you get your space early around the Main Ring for their second and last appearance.