Bucks County Show Tickets

Discounted Pre-Show tickets can only be purchased online prior to the event.
Tickets will be available to purchase on the gate on Show Day at the Show Day price.
If you have any queries please contact the office on 01296 680400.

The 2024 Bucks County Show will be on Thursday 29th August.

Help with your online tickets

If you need any help with tickets you have ordered online, please visit our ticket help page before contacting us.

Public Entrance Charges – 2024




(5-16 yrs)

2 adults & 2 children (5-16)
Over 65

Advanced £22.50 £7.00 £52.00 £20.00
Show Day £25.00 £8.00 £58.00 £22.00

Advanced tickets are available online until midnight on the 28th August 2024. After this Show Day prices will apply.

Accessibility Ticketing Policy

The Bucks County Show is committed to improving accessibility to the facilities and aims to make trips more comfortable and enjoyable for visitors with disabilities.  Our admissions policy admits one essential companion of a disabled visitor free of charge, while the normal admission fee applies to the disabled visitor, when booked in advance.  To apply for an Essential Companion Ticket, first a ticket for the disabled visitor must be purchased online.  Then please email info@buckscountyshow.co.uk with the ticket reference number together with one of the following:

  • Middle or Higher Rate DLA for care and/or mobility
  • Receipt of a current and valid Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Evidence of being severely sight impaired
  • Recognised assistance dog ID card
  • Current and valid evidence of receiving Carer’s Allowance

Once received, we will email a complimentary Essential Companion Ticket.

This concession is only available by applying in advance with supporting documents and all applications must be received by 21st August.

Essential Companion Tickets are not available on Show day.

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